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Villa Arconati & La Valera 20 km - easy


A short tour along the northen waterway to reach Groane park and visit villa Arconati and La Valera. The right tour to be back at Expo in time for lunch!

1. Vie d'acqua nord

We leave Expo and follow the cycling route along the northern canal.

2. Groane Park

We enter the Groane park, a wide protected area with woods and moorlands. 

3. Villa Arconati

We arrive to Villa Arconati, where we can visit the beautiful garden and the so called Castellazzo. Return to Expo in time for lunch. 







4. La Valera

La Valera was an ancient group of farms around Villa Ricotti, called La Valera. Return to Expo.



Duration: 2 hours slow cycling + 1 hour visit to the Villas

Km: 20


You can download gpx file from the menu below 

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