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Expo by bike promotes cycling around Expo with a series of guided tours organized by Fiab Milan Ciclobby. We will cycle through parks, forests, protected areas and villas to discover the beauty beyond Expo in an eco-friendly way.


Saturday 19 July: Villa Litta by Bike

Expo by bike
Villa Bagatti_edited
canale villoresi lainate
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castellazzo rho
parco cave
parco europa rho
la valera

Why Expo by bike?

One of the most spectacular projects for the Expo project was the creation of a cycling route between Milan, the Ticino river and the exhibition site. On the official website of Expo it is described as "a ring made of canals, trails and bike paths, that starts from the city, animates it and then goes to the valley of Ticino." Unfortunately the project has been reduced and only a small part has been actually built. Despite all the unattended promises, we think that Expo is the right time to jump on a bike and ride, because for us the bike is really 'Energy for Life': a sustainable and clean mean of transpostation, in harmony with the environment, ideal to get around, visit and learn.

How does it work?

You can rent a bike and ride independenty following our suggested routes and those presented in guide 'Expovagando' that you can find in hotels in Rho and on the website of the municipality of Rho.

It is not always easy to find cycling lanes due to lack of signposting. For this we have organized a series of guided tours starting from Expo west gate and Rho train station. You will explore the area guided by members of FIAB association: they will show you around and guide you through nature and art and. Short tours and special events are open to everyone, whereas for the long tours you should get a membership to FIAB or to ECF.

Where do we go?

We will go north and south of Expo. We will follow new and old waterways to reach parks and villas around the countryside. Some itineraries are easy and short, some others are longer; some parts are on a cycling lanes, some on dirt roads.


Why should you join us?

Itineraries around Milan
to learn more...

To cycle, to have fun, to discover nature and art around Expo and learn more about this land. Expo is about sustainability: what's better than a bike to visit and explore? We believe that cycling is really 'energy for life'. That's how we feed the planet and how we feed you. 


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