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WWF Vanzago - 6.8 km - easy


In WWF park in Vanzago we can see deers, foxex, and other animals in the protected area of the park.

1. Rho and Castellazzo 

Meeting point at Rho FS train station. We pass through Rho and stop at Castellazzo to admire the ancient court of villa Simonetta Scheibler. 

2. Vanzago and Palazzo Calderara

We cross the fields between Rho and Vanzago. We visit Palazzo Calderara, where we can visit art exhibitions. Until 28th of June there will be 'Art: food for the soul'.

3. WWF park

We leave the bikes and enter WWF park, a protected area where you can learn more about flora and fauna of the region. An internal guide will drive you through the woods and help you spotting the animals of the park. 


At the end of the tour we cycle back to Rho. 


Duration: 4 h, 2 h cycling, 2 h visit

Lenght: 6,8 km

Includes the visit to Palazzo Calderara and WWF park


You can download the gpx file below

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