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18 July: Villa Litta by bike

It's time for an internationa tour! Our first tour in English will start from Expo and head to the beautiful Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, where we will visit the Nymphaeum and the garden of this prestigious villa.

We will follow the new waterway to cross the Groane park and under the shade of the trees we will reach Villoresi canal, where we will continue towards Villa Litta in Lainate.

Villa Litta is an extraordinary ancient summer residence, built at the end of the XVI century to celebrate the economic, social and cultural prestige of the owners. The Villa was not only a place of leisure, but also a place where intellectuals, artist and musicians gathered, such as Camillo Procaccini, Christian Bach, Carlo Porta, Ugo Foscolo and Henry Beyle Stendhal.

There at the Villa we will enter the Nymphaeum, which is considered one of the most important examples in Europe for the richness of decorations and the variety of water games. In a succession of artificial grottoes, water jets rise and cross: the ideal place where to get some refreshments in these warm summer days!

Where and when

Meeting at Expo - Rho Fiera Train Station - Exit via Risorgimento at 11:30 AM.

We will arrive at Villa Litta around 1:30 PM, where we have a couple of hours to rest and eat. We will have lunch in the park: bring your own food or you can get some pizza near the Villa. We have time to rest and enjoy the park of the villa before the entrance at the Nymphaeum at 4 PM for a guided tour. The visit lasts a bit more than an hour and we should be back at Expo around 6:30.

What to bring

Water and drinks for the ride, sun block, hat, a blanket to sit on the grass.


1 € for insurance for European Cyclists' Federation members, 2 € for non-members. A voluntary contribution for the association is very welcome.

Entrance to the Villa: 10 €/ 7 € with discounts

Bike rental: 5 €

If you want to take part in the tour, please register here

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